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CRM Solutions

Stay in touch with your clients in a productive way optimized for your use-case. We will help you choose the right CRM, setting it up and maintaining it. 

Chatbot Development

A chatbot is an amazing tool for customer support and lead generation. We will develop an AI-powered chatbot for you or a fully functioning support system which will reduce your manual support work drastically. We work with Dialogflow by Google, IBM Watson and our own scripts to bring your chatbot to life.

Web Development

We will develop your highly optimized website to represent your brand. You can choose between our 1 click solutions to launch a website in 15 seconds or let us develop an enterprise-ready solution for you. You already have a website but it’s slow? We can speed optimize it for you!

Email Marketing

Professional Email hosting and sending. We will help you with your newsletter, cold email outreach and lead generation. It doesn’t matter if you need to only send a hundred emails per day or millions. We have the infrastructure and deep level knowledge to make sure your emails reach your recipients inbox.


Super fast and affordable speed optimized hosting for your websites and custom web applications. Enterprise-ready with maximum security standards, high availability and servers all over the world.


We can develop a marketing strategy that ensures long-term growth for your company. By combining analytics and metrics with deep-level knowledge, we will build a client-focused brand strategy that guides every part of your brand experience.



Is it too much to use the word ‘Genius’ when recommending someone? Perhaps then ‘Renaissance man’, but in any case, this is the impression I got working with Tobias on a variety of Internet Marketing projects over the past year. A VERY BROAD SKILLSET ranging from growth hacking, lead generation, machine learning, process automation, server administration, website optimisation, design, animation – there seems to be no topic where Tobias could not add tons of value. The surprising thing though is the depth he possesses, this is not surface level knowledge but MASTERY down to the minute details, he is aware of and on top of issues that you didn’t even know where in play. Usually tech savants have a reputation as Prima Donnas or being hard to work with, not Tobias. Responsive, quick and to the point, with great availability and desire to solve problems is how I would describe his communication style. In short, Tobias is a rare individual and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a partner on any project, with no hesitation.



Wir alle kennen es wenn wir eine bestimmte Information so bald wie möglich benötigen. Wir schreiben unserem Berater – Antwort erfolgt 1 Tag später, also viel zu spät. Nicht so bei Herrn Vogel. Tobias ist immer bereit sein unglaubliches Wissen in jedem Bereich des digitalen Marketings prompt zu teilen und effektiv anzuwenden. Von Lead Generation zu Website Erstellung bis hin zu Automatisierung, Tobias ist uns in allen Aspekten des Marketings stets eine unglaubliche Hilfe gewesen und deshalb ohne Zweifel jederzeit meine erste Empfehlung als Marketing Partner




I’ve known Tobi as an innovator and creative for several years. He’s shown me the light when it comes to social marketing and technology. His ability to find work arounds and to grapple with complicated marketing issues is second to none. Tobi has somehow managed to stay five steps ahead of the industry standard when it comes to digital marketing, growth hacking, lead generation, machine learning, process automation, and web design.
When I was first introduced to Tobi, I thought he was a genius…turns out I was correct. But he doesn’t rest on his gifts, he is relentless with his approach to problem solving. The blog he recently created for me is lightyears ahead of what the digital agencies have created for me in the past.
I haven’t yet posed a question or issue that my company has faced that Tobi hasn’t been able to deftly work around or find a clear solution for. He’s a rare find in a world that is becoming increasing complicated when it comes to innovation in business. Tobi’s mastery of his current skill set as well as his constant desire to improve and learn new skills makes him the Swiss Army Knife of development and innovation.


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