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Why Instagram Story Filter Generator?

Make your IG stand out

Instagram story filter makes your account stand out from the competitions. Your followers will love interacting with your filter and sharing it with their audience.

Early Bird Price

Process automation results in a price way lower then what an IG filter creator would charge you. The early bird price is only 35€/Filter instead of 50€ for a limited time.

Increase your Reach

Story filters increase impressions like nothing else on Instagram right now. You can track your statistics on the Spark AR Hub.


Our filter generator is compatible with every major image editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo & any software that can edit and export PNG images.

Share your Style

Story filters are the best way to share your style in an interactive way with your followers on Instagram.

Fast Delivery

You will get your filter file within 24 hours after submitting all the necessary files. That is way faster then finding and hiring someone to do the job. Our current estimated delivery time is

11 minutes.

How it Works

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Order as many Licenses as you need. You will need 1 license for each filter you want to create.
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Apply your Preset
Once you ordered your license, you will receive detailed instructions and a PNG image to apply your lut/preset to. There are certain things the generator does not support yet like grain, sharpening and vignettes. You can just disable these before you edit the PNG.
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Upload your PNG to the form linked in your order email.
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You can create one AR Filter with each license.

The AR filter reflects the lut or preset you used to edit the PNG. You will receive detailed instructions regarding how to adjust your preset or lut for the filter creation. That’s why there are no revisions possible once you submitted the PNG. 

You need to connect your Instagram to your Facebook account. Once it’s done you can upload the AR file you receive from the AR Filter generator to the SPARK AR Hub. Facebook will review your uploaded filter. After the review they will either enable it or let you know if there are any issues.  

You need to apply your Lut or Preset to a PNG. Any software that supports editing PNG images can do the job. Supported softwares are for example Photoshop, Lightroom and Affinity Photo.

Please check out the refund policy. 

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1 IG AR Filter

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10 IG AR Filters

You are aiming high!

500€ 280€

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